Transmit by LG Smart TV's audio to my bluetooth headsets

Mahesh Abnave

Apr 21, 2013
I am having LG 32LB5820 smart TV and Nokia BH 121 & byte corseca dm5710bt headset.
I want to stream my TV's audio to my existing headphones.
I am quite unsure what should I be looking for. I thought I need bluetooth transmitter.

I googled for "Bluetooth Audio Transmitter" and what all I got are these:

Q.1 However these are not from well know vendors I mean sony, belkin. I am looking for ones from brands that I can trust and will get some support. Please suggest ones reliable/trustworthy as the reviews for above ones are not all good.
Q.2 Also I want to know whether these transmitters can automatically pair with my existing headsets. They say support for A2DP, but usually on phone I need to first search headset and then pair. Will both these search & pair functionality automatic.
Q.3Should I be looking for something else?
Q.4Also I want to know if it is possible to connect more than one headset to one bluetooth transmitter
Q.5Also realized that my TV has optical audio out. Will that be useful. (Here are specs of my TV:
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