Question Transmit simultaneously 2 sources to one

May 20, 2020
Is there a way to receive two audio streams in one source with each audio being transmitted from a different source. I want them to start transmitting exactly at the same time.
I was trying to find a wireless solution. But i don't find anything.
Is there a hardware or something else that can help me achieve this?
Thank you in advance.


Sure, use a splitter or a mixer. As to starting both playing at the same time, you will need to hack something together depending on where they are coming from. Need some details as to exactly what you are trying to do and using what hardware. For a computer you can set up a schedule to run an file at a set time, as long as both computers have correct time they will start at the same time. Or two people can remote into the computers and click play at the same time. If you have something like two CD players 30 miles apart trying to play to one place, then you just need someone there by them hitting a button at the same time.
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