Trouble choosing between two options

Agent Ardalan

Jun 30, 2013
I have a budget of around 2500 CAD. Would have preferred to spend it on a desktop but as a student with no form of permanent residence it'll be a burden for the years to come. Regardless, these two are my options right now:

I got my hands on a used G752VS-XB72K that costs around $2.3K so price is kinda equal unless the used one gets sold out then I obviously won't be able to afford the option.

I would prefer to have a 120Hz display and 1080p resolution with gtx 1070 or stronger. I don't think the variance in cpus and rams have much of an effect on my gaming performance.

It'd be great if you guys could provide some more options in case you have some in mind.

The 120hz thing would be a great addition, yet I could buy a 144Hz monitor to use with my non 144hz laptop in case such an option isn't available. Thank you