Trouble in deciding between 2 laptops

Of the two shown, avoid the HP one. Never HP - - you'll have endless problems with anything bearing the HP logo.

Brand-wise at the moment you can't beat Lenovo for build-quality where laptops are concerned.


Jan 30, 2018
So it is about a two laptops with GTX 1050 Ti, 16gb memory and i7 processor! I usually look for reviews at, here are the two models you are considering:
HP Omen 15 :
is lightweight and has good battery time and type c connector
Asus ROG GL503GE:
also has great battery time and a fine display. Also come with 2 years warranty.
Both has effective but rather loud cooling. Since it is a laptop computer the i7 will start to throttle in extended workloads.
Apr 22, 2018

Thanks for the reply. That was exactly what i was concerned with. HP Omen 15 looks amazing, so does ROG. But the HP's looks were too good and the specs were just a bit lower than the ROg. Thats why i considered it.
Though i must agree, i have not heard anything great about that laptop.

Could you please just elaborate why it is bad? is it cause of the design or the thermals?
Also, does Asus Rog have such problems or not?