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May 9, 2018
Hello my name is Alex I'm here for some serious advice long story short here we go my brother passed away 3 yes ago I inherited his ASUS ROG G60JX now I have so many questions here its not even funny hut most importantly is
I forgot to hook up heat sink and the fan and I had it running for about 3-5 power up and crashes I was also running Kali on virtual so that gives u a general idea of the heat so I plugged it back up now I'd like to know after I researched replacement part I saw that what I had to work with that I know isn't damaged is the screen ,ram,keyboard,hard drive, and ummmm I think that's it because I'm guessing its safe to say I need to replace cpu GPU and motherboard correct. Also is it worth it if I'm already about to drop 300 no problem in parts also I've never done repairs like this on my own no help at all. Can I use what's left and rebuild a more than decent laptop or should I try to sell the parts use the cash to buy something better I have a job so money is kinda whatever also its my deceased brothers laptop means a lot but after upgrades already the only thing that left factory is screen and keyboard. Can I rebuild this thing into a beast or what guys plz help


Sep 6, 2020
Most all CPU's have an overtemp sensing circuit, and shutdown the power supply if the CPU overheats. I repair lots of computer motherboards, mostly the parts are under $10.
A open fuse, or fusible link, or a couple bad power supply capacitor's on the Mommyboard fixes the vast majority of the problems. CPU's are pretty damn well protected from overheating, and often just cleaning the dust from the fans/ heat fins, or replacing fans when the bearings go south fixes many. There are SO MANY unnecessary laptops and desktops tossed out because people don't ask someone who knows for help.
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