Question TTS mp3 is choppy over bluetooth?

Dec 3, 2019
Hi, this is not a hardware issue but I hope someone can point me to the right direction. So I made some text-to-speech mp3 files of my lecture notes to listen on my phone. The mp3 files play fine on my phone, but when I connect my phone to a bluetooth speaker, then the sound becomes choppy and drops one word every 3 seconds or so. Like "a fifty year old man" would sound like "" Other "regular" mp3 play fine over bluetooth.

I think there is something about the way a TTS software creates an mp3 that causes it to behave this way. I tried using the highest quality mp3 that the software can produce with no difference. The software I used is nextup textaloud but I don't think it will make a difference what software I use.

Can someone help me shed some light on the matter? I can upload a sample mp3 if needs be. Many thanks!
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