Turn a Laptop into a Desktop?


Dec 18, 2012
Hello, I'm new here. I figure this would fit best in this category? Maybe Systems?
Anyways, My buddy has offered me a HP G62 Laptop for $45. Sadly, he knows nothing about computers and has slightly ruined it, that is why it is so cheap. He tried fixing it himself. There is no battery, the LCD is nonfunctional, The bottom half of the case is in great need of being replaced, and The Keyboard/Touchpad is in need of replacing also. What if I took off the LCD, and used my External Monitor. I could keep the laptop constantly plugged in. Once the screen is removed I could take off the panel that holds the Keyboard and Touchpad and replace it with a piece of plexiglass or something of that sort (So it doesn't look so awkward, this won't be too hard for me). Potentially making a slim Desktop. I know this defeats the purpose of a Laptop, but if you seen this thing you would at least semi-agree with my thoughts. I just simply want to know if this would work. The original LCD, and the the original Keyboard/Touchpad would be unplugged, Which I don't know if this matters in Laptops. Thanks for looking/helping!


As long as it can use a USB keyboard and mouse, it can be done(I have had laptops with the full top removed and running from a little usb keyboard/mouse without issues while in mid repair.), but watch out, the wireless antennas tend to be in the screen. So you may not have working wireless anymore.


Jul 17, 2012

Absolutely. I have done a few laptop to headless conversions. Usually the LCD is damaged, and the replacement cost isn't worth the price of the laptop.

Look for a PDF copy of the service manual if you haven't taken apart laptops before. With the HP G series, take a look at the fan while you open it up, and pay attention to removing all dust/debris that gets caught at the fan/heatsink. You may have to lubricate the fan (or COMPLETELY clean the bearing assembly) if the fan is showing any signs of bearing seizure or failure.

Other than that, you'll have to find somewhere inside to tuck the wifi antennas, if the case is metal-vapour coated, you'll need to sand away a small area to allow the antennas to radiate outside of the case. You can detach the LCD cable, and if the mic is also in the LCD assembly, you can reroute the mic the same way, and hold it in place with some hot glue inside the chasis with a small hole or opening where the mic is pointing (usually up). Depending on your level of skill and diligence, you can make this work really nicely. Alternatively, you can also drill some small holes at the rear of the laptop (usually far left and far right are empty inside the casing because once you remove the LCD screen, the hinges are not needed anymore). With these small holes, you can install a set of RP-SMA connectors for the WIFI with the proper u.fl connectors and antenna cable to the connector (you can get the whole set of RP-SMA to u.fl cable on eBay or Digikey, or similar, or salvage it from old routers/equipment). You'll get the best wi-fi reception this way.

You can keep the keyboard/touchpad (be careful when removing them, the cables and connectors for these are thin and the ends are/can be fragile), then you don't need to really provide another keyboard, but add a mouse and it feels like a desktop.