turntable CD recorders with pitch control

Bob Francis

Feb 24, 2011
As an old musician I have studied other artists' techniques by listening to and trying to duplicate parts from their vinyl records.

This is more difficult when the record does not play on key, which has been the case quite often for me.

Having seen Crosely turntable CD recorders advertised, I thought this would be a good time to enter the 21st century and record some of my vinyl albums onto CDs. CDs would be much more convenient than vinyl albums for my purpose. Then I noticed that some turntable recorders allow the pitch to be altered. Even better!

But then I spent a lot of time researching, and it seems the only turntable recorders available that allow pitch control are not self-contained—they are called turntable USB recorders, and require hook-up to a computer.

So now I have resorted to this post. What I am really looking for is a turntable CD recorder with pitch control—all-in-one (I don’t want to bother connecting to a computer).

Thanks for your quick answer, soundguruman. Software is something I had not considered.

If I just can’t find an all-in-one with pitch control I may have to take the software route. Unfortunately, Sound Forge is not available for my operating system (Mac). But Audacity, a free crossplatform software, does offers pitch control, as well as speed control (independent from pitch control). I see some turntable USB recorders have Audacity included.

But there goes the convenience of a self-contained system, out the window!

Thanks for your quick reply!


Jim Fitch

Sep 9, 2012
Bob, I am looking for the same setup as you. I have searched the internet through and through and found nothing. One would think with todays modern advancement someone would be wise enough to cover the gap on this type of system. I too am a old musican and enjoy playing to some of the songs we use to play years ago. If some one know of this type of system please please post it. Thanks, Jim
The units you are asking about are horrible in build and sound quality. If you don't want to go the PC route then you can buy a CD recorder such as the Tascam CD-RW9000SL with pitch control and connect it to the record out on the system you listen to vinyl on. You can then change the speed on playback. Since this is a pro machine it will work with standard computer cd-r rather than the cd-r music discs which are required for consumer cd recorders.
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