Tutorial to replace DELL XPS M1530 Screen


Oct 27, 2012
This tutorial explains how to easily replace the panel of a DELL XPS M1530. The process is quite simple and it may be completed in less than 15 minutes. The only material you need is a Phillips screwdriver, a small cloth, some adhesive tape and a bit of patience.

Firstly you must turn off the laptop and unplug the battery. This step is very important and should not be disregarded since you can damage the computer. Do not bother yourself to back up any data; this replacement is not risky.

In order to replace the panel, we need to extract the plastic frame that borders the screen. To proceed, introduce your fingers and lever it with your nails. You may hear several cracks from the links that are being released. Do it gently and start from the top of the screen and continue with the sides and bottom.


To completely remove the frame, open the screen until its maximum degree without forcing it (around 150º) and leave the frame by holding it from the two circular parts. Take your time and do not make any force.

Once the frame is removed, it is time to take out the screen panel. Put first a small cloth over the keyboard to not to scratch the panels. The following image shows the screws to be removed. When you are finished, put the panel over the cloth.



We proceed now to unplug the panel. There are two cables, one that connects to the panel and a second one that powers the inverter. It is important in this step to not to touch the parts marked with the “Do not touch” sign: you can damage the panel. In my case, there was a tape over the first connector. Gently remove it.


To remove the inverter cable, pull gently from the band of plastic while holding the inverter with your fingers.


Do not make any force. There is still one more step left. Unscrew the metallic bands that there are on the sides of the screen.



Now it is time to make the inverse procedure. Screw the metallic band and leave the panel over the cloth. Gently plug the wide cable and put some adhesive tape as it is shown in the next picture.


Now plug the inverter cable and screw the panel. Finally put the frame starting from the bottom and ending on the top. Connect the battery and turn on the laptop. You may need to reconfigure screen settings such as brightness, contrast and resolution.

I purchased the screen panel with inverter from www.laptopscreen.com

I chose them mainly because of their good price and the concise instructions they give you to make the correct panel selection. As you have seen, replacing the panel is not a big problem but you have to make sure that the replacement you buy is compatible with your computer. Finally, all their panels come with an inverter. This is very important since not all inverters are compatible with all screens!

I hope this tutorial has been useful!