Tv Mounting for now and upgrade in 6 months

Jul 13, 2018
Hey Folks,

I'm getting ready to mount my LG 42" on the wall, simply tilting +/-15, I'm figuring a 40" middle height would work, since I'm slightly shorter (5'7"), I figured it'd just adjust from the 42" middle, a slight touch and drop it down 2 inches. The thing is, the wall that the anchors are going into, don't take well, to being drilled alot, (spraycrete/plaster skim top and only 2" thick - 50 year old building), December my intentions are jump to a 55 or a 60 tv. The thing for me, is I don't want to MOVE the mount, since the mount can handle up to 70", would I be wrong to mount it like it is a larger screen already?

I don't think you should have to move the mount.

As far as I can recall...every mount I have ever installed accounts for the width and height of the mounting holes for every TV I've ever installed.