Tweeters probably burned


Mar 8, 2017
Before beginning, I'd like you to know that I am a newbie.

I have an Allen&Heath GL-2800 Mixer 2 Dynacord amplifiers and 4 Dynacord A-115 speakers.

I seldom use this system since 1 month for conferences. Just plugging, opening the mixer, then amps. I had no problems since today.

2 speakers are daisy chained from A channel of my 1st amplifier. Other 2 are daisy chained from A channel of my 2nd amplifier.

Here is my problem:

Today I have noticed that the tweeters of my 2 daisy chained passive speakers which connected to the 1st amp were malfunctioning. They don't reach at highs, mids are -I guess- ok. Both speakers had the same problem.

I replaced speakers with some new speakers. Then unplugged and cancelled the other speaker. Everything seems fine.

However, few minutes after, I suddenly noticed that my other 2 speakers which connected to the 2nd amplifier had the same problem. I replaced and did the same thing to them too. Now I use only 2 speakers instead of 4.

So, my speakers are dead now? I just want to learn what caused this and how to prevent this happening again. We used this system for only microphone talks and 4 minutes of music. Nothing else. No live shows no bands etc. Why my speakers died so easily and kept dying? Is it about power source? Or maybe the switches behind the amps are wrongly set; there are "grounded-ungrounded" / "parallel - dual - bridged" switches behind amps. How should I might set those?


Jan 27, 2012

Wait. You're using speakers and tweeters interchangeably... But i see no mention of a crossover.
Typically you can send a Bass or full range speaker a full range audio stream without a problem.

Sending full range audio to a tweeter is a very bad idea. Did the tweeters come as part of a component set?
Do you have crossovers before the tweeters? It is important to use a crossover with a tweeter as it gets rid of all the bass and midrange, which can put too much load on the tweeter.



Feb 22, 2012
so the A-115 is a 15-inch two-way full-range cabinet, nothing that I could find says it has a built in crossover but there isn't any extra hookups that I could see to hook the woofer and tweeter up separate.

The next question is what are the amps that you have? finding out what wattage and ohms they are would help. The speakers are 8ohm 400w continuous and depending on how you have them hooked up makes a world of difference. You say daisy chained but is it a + & - from the amp to speaker and then another + & - to the next speaker which would be parallel and give you a 4 ohm load or are they in series + from amp to speaker 1, then - from speaker 1 to + of speaker 2, the - from speaker 2 to - of amp giving a 16ohm load.

If you in parallel it might be two much wattage for the speaker to handle.


Mar 8, 2017
Since I don't need any subs cos I use this system only for conferences, I don't use crossovers. I think I don't need them. Or do I need?

I didn't understand what +&- from amp to speaker means. I just have a direct speak-on connection from my amp to speaker 1, speak-on connection from speaker 1 to speaker 2. Same thing for speakers 3 and 4 from other amp.
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