Question Two separate pairs 2.1 channel Headphones outputting only as mono?

Jun 29, 2020
I was playing witcher 3 when this randomly started happening. I have a hyperx alpha with the external sound card and a steel series Siberia V2. I can only get them to output in mono, I have tried everything i possible can to fix the issue. I have reinstalled all drivers, i even reinstalled my entire OS in hopes it would go away. I thought this narrowed it down to a hardware issue, but then i tested my tv and retested the hyperx when only using the 3.5mm jack. Both of those CAN produce stereo sound. When using usb the hyperx reverts to mono. I am so confused and very angry. Help plz.


So no issues when using the headphones directly to the computer sound card? That leads to an issue with the USB dongle. Did you check the settings on that when it's connected since it will show up as a separate audio source? Maybe the jack on the USB is faulty.