typing jumps around, highlights what I have written and deletes while just typing normally


Dec 2, 2014
I start typing and then the curser jumps back to another place. I have not touched the mouse pad at all, it just moves back, sometimes highlights all and the next keystroke deletes everything I typed. It is in all aspects of typing, email, facebook etc. Very frustrating. I have reinstalled windows recently on this computer and it's still a problem. computer is gateway running Windows 7. Thanks


Jul 24, 2008
Its not a WIndows problem. Sounds like somehow some fluid has got inside your mouse pad. This used to happen on my laptop before the mouse pad got shorted and I had to take my laptop to a repair store for a majoir refit. I was cleaning mine and somehow some cleaning fluid got stuck inside the mouse pad through the buttons.


Dec 30, 2017
That is not the problem because I just bought my laptop and as soon as i typed it did the same matter of fact it's doing it right now. It took forever just typing this. smh
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