Unable to block pop ups.

No idea who you are replying to, since you started a totally new thread... however...

I know of no way to opt out of ads on a tablet in general. Ads only come through specific things. Usually apps, some of which won't let you turn them off, viruses, malware, etc.

I did have a tablet once that had ads on it, from the moment I got it. It was caused by an app called "TouchPal" that was preinstalled on the tablet when I got it new. First time I ever had that happen. In the case of an app like that, they usually can't be removed/uninstalled. They can, however, usually be disabled. You can do that in the tablet's "Settings" and then "Apps". Locate the app you want to stop and tap it. Then you will see if you can uninstall it, or just disable it.