Question Understanding performance difference between Ryzen 4000 vs 5000 cpu

Aug 14, 2021
Want to buy a Lenovo X13 laptop. I'm trying to decide between the AMD Ryzen 4000 series vs 5000 series cpu. Buying the 4000 now will save much money. If 5000 is worth waiting for, I'll wait for price to drop.

Can anyone help me come to a better understanding of how to conceptualize the performance differences between the 2 cpus? My most used app is Google Chrome and Google Drive/Google Docs and local word processing tasks.

If I go to and compare the processors. How do I interpret the benchmarks in a meaningful way for my uses? Is the 4000 series more than adequate for my needs? By chance if anyone has comments on the differences between the Lenovo X13 Gen 1 vs Gen 2, maybe this is more meaningful a difference than the CPU they come with