uninstalling windows 10 and installing windows 7 ultimate.


Apr 15, 2016
i am using windows 10 in toshiba satellite laptop and i dont want this window 10 and i want to install window 7 ultimate. But i try many techniques to install from cd, but i cant do it. i also did some settings in bios such as enable or disable, but its not work. in bios they just showing HDD and USB, but not CD-ROM, than how i install windows 7 ultimate. Its my brand new cd of windows 7 ultimate.

You can actually create a bootable USB with Windows 7 in it instead of using the CD. :)

Here's a video guide on how to create a USB drive as a Windows 7 installer. (you will still need the Windows 7 disc you have inorder to create the USB Windows 7)

Once you've created the bootable Windows 7 USB do try installing it again.
Here's a video how to completely install Windows 7: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mME9VLT7-xw