Unique? laptop battery issue, help!


Apr 27, 2014
Okay. So i'll make this simple. I have a Lenovo Ideapad with Win8; I ran the Lenovo Energy Managment program to reset my battery's gauge because it was sticking at 68% (mind you the program also reads my battery's health as being good). I left it to run, came back home--and found my laptop with a dead battery, despite having left the charger connected the whole time (I've checked the wall outlet, it's functional). So then I tried to turn my laptop on, and it wouldn't let me, instead flashing an orange light where the battery indicator was, BUT only when I pressed the power button--otherwise the laptop didn't show the regular charging light it does when plugged in. So I said to myself, crap, it's my battery. To check I removed the battery and tried to turn the computer on--and it didn't turn on...so I did that reset I've always read about on the internet-removing the adapter and holding the power button for 30 seconds. Replugged in the adapter but not the battery, and what do you know it turned on... So I said what the hell to myself and put the battery back in while it was turned on... and what do you know--the battery starts charging. It's currently at 60% and doing the whole "plugged in, not charging" bit. So... here's where the problem comes in... when I try to turn it on now.... it starts from the battery BUT it doesn't identify the adapter being plugged in--UNLESS I remove the battery and start the laptop without it (and then if I plug the battery in it continues recognizing the adapter being plugged in, and even charging the battery if it is not charged to it's "full" 60% potential).

So, any ideas on what the issue could be? The adaptor? The battery? The laptop itself? I'm lost at this point and I haven't found anything similar by googling around.

PS One thing googling did reveal was that in device manager I'm supposedly supposed to have 3 device listed under Battery? Well I only have two--Microsoft AC Adapter, and Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery

Update: If I unplug the adaptor, it no longer recognizes it when I plug it back in. Also, it doesn't recognize it at all if the laptop is off (meaning the power source light doesn't turn on).

I also tried my roommate's adaptor--and if I push it in (meaning if I just plug it in, it doesn't work) it turns the power source light on even when the laptop is off.
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