Unusual freezing in new laptop


Apr 15, 2017
Before we start i want to tell you that i'm not a native speaker so i'm sorry for any grammar errors.
So, my laptop freezes randomly, before the freeze there is a cracking sound and stutter for about 3-6 seconds then the laptop freezes and the wents turn on and they start to spin really fast, they can go on for hours (trust me i waited for 3 hours), the laptop is unresponsive so the only thing that i can do is a hard reset. I know what you think "It's probably overheathing so stop wasting my time", well i'm not sure about it beacuse it happens so randomly, it also happens during the windows startup logo or during the shutdown when the temperatures of the CPU/GPU are not over 30° C. Sometimes after the hard reset the problem can persist on the startup so i must do a hard reset for 2-3 times. I can't identify the problem (and that makes me really angry) beacuse the is no CrashLog in the Event Viever neither in the Reliability Monitor.

These are the tests i made to try to identify/solve the problem:

CPU= I ran IntelBurnTest on the maximum load several times and there were no issues.

GPU= I used a rendering program ( now i don't remember the name) on maximum load and there
were no problem and no crashes. I also reinstalled the latest Nvidia driver and disabled
Nvidia Audio Driver that i heard caused some issues.

RAM= I ran MemTest86 for 6 hours and it didn't found any errors i also used the basic ram verifier
of windows and it didn't found any issues.

HDD= Complete defragmentation and also ran "CHKDSK" several times which dind't find any

DRIVERS= I updated the drivers of everything and i've also ran Windows Driver Verifier and it didn't
find issues.

OS= All windows updates installed and i ran "sfc /scannow" but no errors were found.

REGISTRY= Complete defragmentation and error check, no issues found.

VIRUSES= I use ESET NOD32 Antivirus 10 and i've made various scans but without any results.

I ALSO: Unplugged and plugged-in the devices like (mouse, speakers, etc) to see if there is any
contrast between the devices.

I've tried to see if this issue happens in safe mode but wasn't able to do so beacuse i don't
know what triggers it.

I'd like to know if there is a test to see if there is a bad program that it's causing the issue.

Set the power settings to maximum performance.

MORE: There is also minor freezing when i watch YouTube videos, the pc freezes for 3-5 sec but
then everything went back to normal.

There are strange peaks between CPU a HDD use percentage.

The laptop is new, i bought it 6 months ago, there were similar issues before but not so
persistent, now i can't use it for heavy work. The laptop is still under warranty but i need it
for work for the next weeks so tech support is out of question. I'd like to atlest identify the

MY SPECS: ASUS Notebook K550VX-XX207T
Intel Core i5-6300HQ 2.3 GHz
Intel HD Graphics 530
Ram : 2x4 GB DDR4-SDRAM (on stick is from Kingston and the other from another
manufacturer but i don't remember the name) Could this be the issue ?
HDD: 500 GB, SATA III, 5400 rmp
Windows 10 64-bit

Thanks for your time :D and sorry for the grammar errors.


Jul 18, 2017
For starters. Check disk performs minimal testing for bad drive. I would pull out that hard drive and plug it to another PC via usb adaptor then use tools like WD Lifeguard to perform a full\extendted diag test on it.

Also monitor the CPU and Hard drive more. What is causing the spikes? can you see programs spiking in the task manager?

If task manager is not giving you a good view of things. You can use Microsoft's Sysinternals. It will break things down to its core.


I also know you said you updated drivers. But have you actually looked in device manager to see if it was stating there was any missing drivers? Like chipset drivers maybe?


Sep 3, 2013
Question from Echelon04 : "Unusual freezing in new laptop"

try updating your bios if there is any update from the manufacturer.have u try doing a factory reset?if its software related a factory reset usually should fix the issue.


Apr 15, 2017

I don't want to open the laptop because i will loose the warranty but i've made a check of the HDD with HD Tune and it's says that the disk is fine.

Usually the CPU a HDD spikes are caused by Windows operations, but it's strange because the HDD usage can stay for minutes at 100 % with few processes and writing/reading velocity of only 13 MB/sec.

And yes there are no missing drivers, i've checked. Also today for the first time i got a Bsod with INTERRUPTION CODE : DRIVER POWER STATE FAILURE

Thank you for your time



Apr 15, 2017
I'm afraid to do the BIOS update because if the freezing will occur during the update it will BRICK the motherboard
Also today for the first time i got a Bsod with INTERRUPTION CODE : DRIVER POWER STATE FAILURE. could this cause the freezing and the poor performance in games, cause it happens more often in games
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