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Dec 22, 2009
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I'm interested in upgrading the memory of my macbook pro 15 inch w/ 2.0GHz core duo (purchased in 2006). The stock memory is 512MB and I was told that I can go as high as 2GB. However, the memory options suggested for my model at memory-up.com suggest that I can go as high as 3.25GB, which would be great. I'm hoping to buy a 2GB stick for $50 and put it in the second memory slot in my mac, raising the total to 2.5GB RAM.

Can this be done given my system?

The research I have done to verify my computer model can be found below in an email that I sent to memory-up.com's customer service (I haven't heard back yet). powerbookmedic.com and memory-up.com are two site that I found to be very helpful.

"Hi Memory-Up,

I'm considering purchasing a 2GB Memory upgrade for my macbook pro 15 inch, and I wanted to confirm that I am buying something that is compatible with my model. I did try the memory scanner on your website to identify my model, but it returns an error and says it will not run on my computer. So, I visited powerbookmedic.com and entered my Serial Number to identify my computer model. I've attached a screen shot of their report.

I wanted to consult an expert before I buy a 2GB chip because none of the other websites that I searched had any memory chips for my model over 1GB. Additionally, there was a slight difference in the product offered by memory-up which are PC2-5300 and the memory chips offered for my exact model at powerbookmedic which are PC5300. Here are the webpages I consulted:

Intended Purchase (from Memory-Up.com)

Confirmation of Model # (@ powerbookmedic.com)
Macbook Pro 15 inch, 2GHz Core Duo, A1150

The reason I have gone through so much trouble to confirm that the 2GB will work is that I intend to keep my 512 MB in one of the slots and add the 2GB from memory-up.com into the other available slot. This would be less expensive and give me more memory than buying two 1GB sticks. If you have read this whole email, I appreciate it. Please let me know whether I should go ahead with the purchase.



Mar 17, 2006
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You'll want to have 2 identical RAM sticks or you will lose dual channel. You're best option is to purchase a 2x1gb kit for 2gb total. I personally have used the 200-pin ddr2-667 G.skill RAM at newegg in macbooks without any issues.
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