Upgrade to SSD or put the money to a new laptop


Jan 10, 2010
Hi all, my wife's lappy is an old (2008) Dell Studio, Core 2 Duo @ around 2ghz with 3gb or ram.

I want to add an SSD to the Dell and install Windows 7 on it (I know the SSD will make a world of difference).

Anyone know how that would perform (I don't need to run Aero) with windows 7?

Conversely, I could apply the $100 I spent on the Intel SSD 180GB (I picked it up today but might return it) to a new laptop but the overall purchase price there would be at least $400-$500 more AND no SSD.

I'm also considering spending a bit more to get a 240Gb intel instead.

Any opinions on what I should do? Laptop is strictly for surfing, email, light productivity - no games, likely no heavy multimedia.

Thanks a bunch - hoping to make a decision before the black friday deals are through.