Upgraded my Lenovo Y50-70 Touch to an MSI GS63VR STEALTH PRO-001. Good upgrade?


Mar 27, 2013
So I decided to sell/trade in some tech that own and use it towards a new laptop. Originally I set out to sell some parts and stuff to put towards a new build or rather a new form. Instead I ended up with a enough money and good planning to get a motherboard and a new laptop.

I hadn't considered getting a new laptop. but I saw the MSI Stealth pro in store. And simply wanted it. So I know it may or may not be a foolish question. Compared to what I'm using now (Links below)

So my newly acquire mobile beast MSI GS63VR Stealth Pro

on the selling block is my Lenovo Y50-70 touch.

the upgrade was possible. As sold an galaxy note 10.1 2014 edition for $300.00 and sold a mini-itx Asrock Fatality Z170 for $175 (Decided to do a mAtx or Atx build. So I got a gigabyte Z board instead) and some game that totaled an extra $300-400. on top of that got 20% off the new laptop.

What do you think was good upgrade?
Sorry for some of the backstory. But your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Interesting enough both being 1080p I was still able to watch certain youtube vids in 4K is this actually possible?
Well,it's a quite an upgrade especially GPU wise. If you're planing to play a lot of games on good settings,then it's worth the upgrade