Upgrading an elitebook 8560w for large photography file processing. I miss my analog darkroom!

Aug 16, 2018
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I am hoping to upgrade my hp workstation 8560w laptop. under properties it is listed as desktop 6QDBDE. I currently have intel core i7 2640m vPro. with a total of 4 cores could be two dual cores or one quad I do not know. I currently only have 8mb ram Also some documentation says there are 2 more ram slots under the keyboard. Having not removed the keyboard I don't know if mine truly this extra expansion. I do not have a gpu listed but I have the nvidea quadro 1000m
I have and empty smart card slot. Think of me as highly mechanacinaly proficient (I have switched out laptop motherboards with success and built gaming desktops for freinds But they specced all the components) But I am lost when it comes to chipsets and hierarchies and compatibility with my existing motherboard. I have been working with very large image files (photoshop and lightroom) and might be again running revit modeling flys in the future. I intend to download intel's turbo 2.0 to push above the 2.8ghz. Also listed in device manager are 5 instances of intel 6 series/c200 series chipset family pci express root port: 1-1C10, 8-1C1E, 2-1C12, 3-1C14, 4-1C16.

Are SSD drives really all they are implied to be? my optical is dead I could expand into it

Where is my biggest bang for the Buck? I am now on Disability for Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis So this current unit might be the last computer I am able to buy. My disability income is not a living wage. Also I have functioned on a laptop for a couple decades now but due to the MS I am unsure of my needs for a laptop vs a desktop. When I travel for photography (personal passion) It is really the only time my laptop travels.
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