Upgrading memory & HDD to SSD. Acer Aspire 5733

Hi everyone,

Hopefully somebody can clarify for me.

I've been looking at buying a new laptop, simply 'because I want to' but I've managed to talk myself out of it, as I'm looking to upgrade my laptop slightly, switching HDD to SSD and increasing the RAM. My laptop is in good shape, has minimal programs or data on it as I like to keep it pretty sharp.

That being said, as far as specifics go, I'm not very sure.

I bought the laptop in the UK probably 5 years ago, and I live in Canada now (hence the UK product link, but Canadian parts link).

The best I can find regarding spec for my laptop is here
Unfortunately, that spec sheet only seems to list RAM options as 2GB-4GB (which I think might have been a UK/US variance). My laptop has 6GB and I've read elsewhere (although I've since forgotten exactly where) that it can be upgraded to 8GB.....I'm pretty sure this is the slightly newer model here (as it has a 'Z' on the end).

I want to ensure I buy the correct parts, that will work with my laptop.

The SSD's I'm fairly confident would work for me are:
Mushkin Enhanced Chronus or
Crucial M500
Looking for confirmation and opinions on the products themselves.

The RAM I'm slightly less sure about, but I'm looking at:
G.Skill Ripjaw 8GB

Again, confirmations and opinions please?

I realise they're not the top-of-the-line parts, but I'm just looking at minor upgrades and, considering the laptop is already 5 years old (minimum), I don't want to invest too much into it.

Can anyone confirm I'm looking at the correct parts?



Apr 8, 2015
I just finished looking it up, I did not see how many pins you're computers motherboards memory has. It definitely looks like it will work.

The SSD will work great.

The other thing is is that it really might be worth spending the money going towards a new laptop.

The Pentium is rather dated anymore.

Thanks for the speedy respond skylord_ ! Appreciate the input.

I did wonder about the pins, as I didn't see anything myself. I there any way I can check (shy of actually getting into the physical RAM stick?).

As far as the SSD goes, would you have a preference out of the two I listed? Or would they be fairly equal?

Definitely still on the fence regarding a new laptop. I don't do anything too heavy - infact I only really play one game on it (FM11, which isn't heavy at all) and while I know I'd definitely see improvements, I don't think I need it just yet.

I also paid next to nothing for the laptop (I want to say it was only like ₤200, a pretty smoking deal 5-6 years ago), so I think I'll run it into the ground first before I buy a new one haha.


Apr 8, 2015
I don't know about any other ways to check the pins.
The first SSD claims it is slightly better, but they are pretty equal

If they laptop works well enough don't forget getting a new one yet. When you do get a new one though, you can use the SSD in it.

Thanks skylord_ ! I appreciate the assistance!

I'll report back once I get the RAM in etc, fingers crossed the pins match.


Apr 8, 2015

Your welcome and Good luck on the memory, it should fit but sometimes it just doesn't :\
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