Upgrading Ram on a Toshiba Satellite C55-B5299


Sep 25, 2014
Hey guys, I am currently working on A relatives laptop the Toshiba Satellite C55-B5299 I'm more of a Desktop guy myself but have upgraded ram in laptops in the past (around 10 years ago).

Anyway Toshiba is not exactly great at showing the exact specs of there products and its also saying the memory is not user upgradeable. But it can be upgraded by a Toshiba Tech up to 8GB only problem with that is apparently it will cost up to $300 to upgrade the ram. So yeah thats not happening lol.

So before I went ahead to upgrade the ram myself I just wanted to make sure I have the compatibility right. I could just go ahead and take it apart and look (it's a pain to get to) I also have 3 kids and only a small space allocated to me for my tech area (yeah dad gets the corner in the dinning room lol). So really don't want to take it apart until I need to.

Here is the Toshiba spec sheet:


Here is the RAM I was planning on getting:


As always thanks in advance for the help!

Also do companies really charge $300 to replace Ram these days?



Update: your original stick linked (8GB) may work fine.

1) It's probably TWO slots of up to 4GB per slot (2x4GB kit for 8GB)

*physically check, because the spec page is useless. If ONE stick only this may be good:

2) I think THIS is what you need:

(note it is DDR3L, not DDR3)

3) I linked to Crucial to check compatibility:


Aug 28, 2016
Have you opened up the computer to confirm you can do the upgrade? That'd probably be a good idea. I'm sure it's just a few screws in the bottom in order to get in, shouldn't take more than a few minutes. If the spec sheet says it's not user upgradeable the RAM may be in a very hard to reach location or it could just be a ploy to get you to waste $300.


Sep 25, 2014
Thanks for the Replies guys, yeah I kind of figured it would be 1 SO-DIMM slot as this was a cheap laptop. I did not open up the laptop as I was hesitant to do so as Toshiba says it voids the warranty and I wanted to be 100% certain I could change it first. Which thanks to the youtube video (back when I worked in the family computer shop there were no youtube how to videos lol was kind of just trial and error) it seems like an easy upgrade and Toshiba are just Trying to fleece People were they can. So I'm going to go ahead and and order the G.skill 8GB.

Although the timing is better on the ripjaws memory I think I'll get the CL11 stick as thats the timing on the current memory and I really don't think the laptop user will notice the difference as they are not a power user.

Again thanks a lot for the help!
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