Question USB connection not supported Samsung A71

Oct 16, 2020
I recently purchased a new Samsung a71 everything was fine charging wise, now it won't charge using the original charger and I am getting a bleeping message ...


It will work with another charger but is very slow
are you using the original charger USB cable?

"Open samsung member app > Get Help > Interactive check > Choose the phone hardware you want to check and optimize performance(eg. ports). "

update your firmware

restart the phone

reset the phone


Oct 11, 2020
I get a similar message because I am not using the charging block that came with the samsung tablet I have. I have it plugged into a usb port on a surge protector. Is this the case with your device? are you using the cable/charging block that came with it?
Oct 16, 2020
I used the original until it did not work and thats when I was getting the messages

It will work with another charger I don't really want to send it back I have only had this phone for 2 months
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