USB drivers won't install on MSI Laptop; How can I find my USB controller model?


May 10, 2017
Laptop: CUK MSI GE62VR 6RF Apache Pro
Chipset: Intel® HM175

Image showing my issue

My laptop came installed with Windows 10, but I downgraded to Windows 7. Most all of the drivers are working alright, and I have installed all drivers provided by my manufacturer. While the USB Controller is recognized, and the chipset drivers have been installed successfully, no driver is installed for the USB controllers.

Since Windows 7 does not come with native USB drivers for common USB controllers, is there any way to find out what USB add-in controller my laptop's motherboard is using without physically opening it up? Or is there some way to retrieve the drivers without knowing? I've tried contacting my manufacturer, but they just want me to send in my pc and reinstall Win10 (they know nothing).

Note: I also can run Ubuntu through sick, and on Ubuntu, the USB works fine. Perhaps Ubuntu can give information regarding the USB controllers?

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