Question Usb flashdrive

Sep 28, 2023
I put mp3 songs on a flashdrive. But when I play it in my toyota corolla. Songs are in folders, different artists. There are songs that play except in two folders. When I open them each and tap on a song, the songs start jumping one to the next. Never play.
When I use the flashdrive in another media player, these songs here play fine. What is going on?
convert the songs to a standard mp3
is the stick formatted as fat32 or ntfs?

to sort the songs, try drivesort tool

Which Toyota Corolla model is it and which infotainment system is built in?
Have a look at the manual, which mp3 or audio formats are supported.
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Oct 9, 2023
Hi. Folder names can sometimes be the issue. Compare the length and characters in the two folders that don't play with the folder names that do. Depending how old the Toyota/sound system is, there may be a limit in the length of the filename on the mp3 file. Since none of the files in the two folders play, I would focus on the folder name (is there an apostrophe, etc?) Good luck