USB Ports refuse to function

Jun 19, 2018

I'm an owner of the Dell Inspiron 7559 laptop of which, has a GTX 960M, i7-6700HQ and 8GB of RAM. I've had this laptop for almost 2 years now and haven't had any issues with it. I've even installed my own 120GB SSD for my boot drive. I have an issue with my 3 USB ports though. I do believe all are 3.0 speeds; however, two have completely stopped working and won't give power/register anything being plugged within. The other port (on the right side) is messed up. I had a receiver plugged in for my Logitech G602 gaming mouse, which never had any problems, even after the two on the left side stopped working. But now it has problems, where it recognizes that something was plugged in, but it wont connect to the mouse and actually run it. I have to keep a USB hub plugged in, of which, my mouse receiver plug is on the hub in order for it to work.

I've reached out to Dell to see my options despite having an expired warranty. They said that I must send it back to them for them to diagnose it and report to me what is broken and how much it would be to fix it. The problem with this, is I'm without my laptop for most likely a week, and who knows how much they'll try to overcharge.

I've already attempted the "power issues" solutions stickied thread that is under this topic, and it's availed no success thus far. I'm here as a last resort to see if there is something that I may be missing, that would be a easy fix instead of sending it back to Dell. Thanks and hopefully you're able to assist!

EDIT: I fixed the one usb port on the right side with my mouse receiver, thanks to another thread I found. Now it's just the two on the left side

Saga Lout

If Control Panel>Device Manager doesn't tell you what's wrong with the ports - driver issues, perhaps - they might be beyond repair. Dell would charge you a lot of money if they sayyou need a new motherboard. You also have to pay to ship the laptop to and back from them and it wouldn't be within a week - potentially more like a month.

The best bet now you have one working, buy a four gang USB block and plug everything into that.
on the other non working ports see if any of the pins are bent. also try reinstaling the mb chipset drivers and any 3 party usb drivers. on the chipset drivers try using the newest ones from intel or amd. before you send you laptop in try finding the service guild or video on the laptop. see if all of the ports are on the system board. or if some are on smaller daughter cards. if there are all on the system board you should be able to find the price of the board.
looks like there a daughter card with two ports on it.
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