Question Using my phone as a hotspot for my laptop / consume a huge amount of data suddenly

May 16, 2022

While on the road, I am using my iphone as hotspot. I have been doing that for years and it has never been a problem. Yesterday, I used my iphone as a a hotspot and after 30 mn I consume 200 MB of data. I am just doing emails and internet browsing (non media, non streaming no photo, no video, downloading). This issue started a few months ago when I updated my iOS system. I just changed my iphone SE 1st generation to a iphone SE 3rd generation and the problem is still there. I am using a SAMSUNG laptop. Please let me know as I cannot go on like that. The data are too expensive.
May 16, 2022
On the laptop or on the phone? My thinking is that the hotspot is consuming all the data so I guess, I should use this glasswire on the laptop no?
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