Solved! Very strange issue : Subwoofer works with Bluetooth but not with aux input

Oct 9, 2019
Dear forum,

Have searched and couldn't find solution, pleasr help

Device : F&D T60X
2.0 tower speaker, each unit has small tweeter, 6inch speakers, 8inch subwoofer.

Issue :

With Bluetooth connection to my cell phone : all works fine, tweeter, speaker and subwoofer.

With aux input ; SUBWOOFER DOESN'T WORK !!

Aux input is red and white wire for speaker. the other end that connects to source is 3.5mm jack, tried with both types mono , stereo and pin with mic input (of cell phone), nothing helped,

Please help me a solution, not able to use this beauty to its full capacity since i use aux more,

Thank you in advance

With regards,