Question Logitech z623 works with phone but not with computer

Nov 2, 2019

I have an issue with my Logitech z623 speaker set.
To keep it simple, when connected to my phone, everything works, left and right satelite speakers and the sub. No issues.
However, when I plug the system into my PC only the sub and the left satelite speaker works, the right speaker doesn't play any sound at all.
The green cable is connected to the green line output on the back of my desktop computer and the other end into the right speaker.
I've tried putting mono off and on in windows settings as well as removing effects and I've also tried both stereo and surround configuration in windows. Still the right speaker doesn't work at all. As I said, everything works when I connect the cable into the phone, instead of the PC, so the fault can't be with Logitech?

Did I miss anything? Any different cables I need? Why is the right speaker not working?

The right speaker is the one with the hands-on controls, btw.

Thanks in advance for your help, I appreciate any help I can get!
If you used the same cable with the phone as with the PC then the problem is in the PC. The right channel output may be bad.
Could be the jack itself so if you have front and rear jacks try the other one. If you have any other speakers try them just to be sure.
If that can't be repaired then a soundcard or USB DAC would solve the problem.
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