Very strange Toshiba C875 battery issue


Jan 30, 2017
My second battery slowly started to die and would not hold a charge. After dealing with only being able to use the laptop with power cord I ordered a new Toshiba battery OEM. The laptop will not recognize the battery and when powered off will not power on and the power/charging light blinks every few seconds. I have tried everything I could find to try and solve the problems nothing has worked. The old battery is recognized when put back in and it showes 100% charged but when AC is unplugged laptop dies instantly and there is never a power/charging light on.

-Taken battery out, unplugged, held down power button 30 sec.
-Shutdown, unplug battery, unplug AC, turn on laptob>device manager>battery>uninstall Microsoft AC and ACPI>shut down replace battery ( I have done this with both the old and tried to do with the new battery). No change with old battery. Still can't turn on laptop with new battery.

Tried to install new battery as soon as laptop powered up with no change and its not recognized.

So works with just AC power cord.
Works with AC cord and old battery.
Works when turned on with only AC power cord and then still works when either battery installed. Old battery recognized, New battery not recognized. If AC is unplugged laptop dies regardless.

Any ideas thanks


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