Very Weird Monitor Issue

Ben Ferreira

Jun 21, 2017
Hello, I recently bought a adapter (Parallel to HDMI) for my year old laptop to connect to a View Sonic VX2025wm monitor, and for 8 hours strait now I have been trying to get it to work. It all started when I plugged the adapter in to the laptop and the second monitor said "Out Of Range". I thought it was just either a Hz problem or the resolution or very possibly both, I then proceeded to try to change both of these things. My Hz would not change from 60 and on New Egg it says this monitor is somehow 82 kHz so that was weird... Another thing is that I tried to change the resolution to what it said before (I tried this monitor on a different laptop that didn't need an adapter and it worked fine) witch was 1280 x 600 but that did not work in the slightest even after 4 restarts. I then set the res to what it said on the New Egg page but that unsurprisingly didn't work either.

So now i'm just tired of everything and frantically Googling nonstop but its just the same answer over and over again to check the res and Hz. Then I noticed when in Advanced Display Settings and changing the Multiple Displays tab to extend these displays after like 4 seconds they merge back together. That keeps happening so in those 4 seconds I pressed detect and it says that my laptop monitor is both, not like with a dash 1/2 but overlapping each other, and then I just gave up and came over here.

I don't even know if anyone can help me I might just be screwed and have to buy a new monitor but idk if any one can help thanks in advance.



Hello, Ben:

Just how old is your laptop - and what's the model name? And what OS are you running? Your ViewSonic monitor was launched in 2006 with only DVI and VGA ports. I therefore assume that you're trying to use the laptop's HDMI port and the VGA port on the monitor - hence the adapter. The laptop would be the 'upper-tech device', and the monitor the 'lower-tech device'.

You say that the Extend these displays option doesn't work, but can you use the Duplicate these displays option?

Depending on your OS (and the laptop itself) you could try to locate the Intel Graphics Control Panel and make your adjustments from there.

Other than that, it might be that you've reached the end of the road with your monitor. I'm using an adapter too with my ThinkPad T61-to-monitor setup, but it's the other way round: My HDMI adapter goes into the T61 (it's the lower-tech device) and the monitor has an HDMI port (the upper-tech device). It could be that your monitor simply cannot process the HDMI signals.
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