Video card on laptop error code 43 can i change it ?

Jan 6, 2019
Hello guys ! I have an Asus ROG GL553VD and lately i had some problems with it . About 2 weeks ago i dropped it ( not hard , enough to scare me though) but i turned it on and it worked like nothing happened . I carried it with me ( im studying in a foreign country and i have to take it with me so it gets carried a lot ) and when i turned it on a realised the dedicated video card ( gtx 1050 ti ) did not work , went to device manager to find error code 43 . Looked it up online , did almost everything from blowing the dust from the laptop to reinstalling every single drive in it , but to no success , until i tapped it around the keyboard and the laptop froze and restarted with the video card working perfectly fine (tested it in games and everything worked perfect ) . But when i lifted the laptop the screen went red with lots of green pixels and lines and restarted with the video card not working again . So im pretty sure its the hardware itself . Now , i dont know what to do .

1. Is this repairable or do i need to change the card? But what if its built in the motherboard?
Not talking about upgrade , just repair or change
2. Is it cheaper to repair it or can i go for an external gpu ? i've seen some gpu docks that i can connect to my laptop , might give it a shot .

Thank you for your help!

Edit: Forgot to mention , i can use the laptop normally ( i made this thread using it ) but using the integrated gpu , the dedicated one just shows error 43 in device manager.
Jan 15, 2019

It seems like you have a broken solder point on the gpu. Since the heatsink is connected to the gpu and you dropped the the laptop the force could have effected the gpu or and the heatsink springs. Maybe the springs didnt do enough force to keep the the gpu on low temperature, that would explain why it happened after 2 weeks. It doesnt matter if temp monitor shows 60° celsius on the gpu. There are areas which are not messured on the chip.

You say you tapped arround the keyboard, so i guess you squeezed the mainboard a bit, just enough that the gpu made connection to the mainboard again. Lifting up the display made the total opposite, so the connection got lost.

I would recommend doing a reflow on the gpu, i dont believe that the gpu is dead. After the reflow i would check (or change) the springs on the heatsink. Because if they doesnt do enough force to push the heatsink on to the gpu, you will get this failure again.
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