Video Cards For HTPC


Nov 20, 2008
Hey my brother is looking for a video card to install that would be good for a home theater pc, He needs one that has 2 vga or dvi plugs and also that has a svideo plug. What video card do you suggest that would be best for playing dvds? Also what specifications should you look for in a video card that makes it good for a home theater pc? I would think it would be different then what you would look for in games because i wouldnt think a movie would be as demanding as a game like Crysis, but who knows?

Anyways any replies would be great :), thanks
You certainly do not need a high-end graphics card for watching movies (or even Blu-Ray). I would say nothing more than an ATI HD4650 (I'm currently using an ATI HD2600Pro).

For an HTPC, you may want to look at GPUs without a cooling fan to help keep the noise level down (though I can't hear mine when I have a movie going).

-Wolf sends