Solved! Virus remain after format

Aug 6, 2021
Hey,guys as topic says i have a RAT (Remote Administration Virus) which remain after system reinstall/format.
I've read in internet that the virus may be MBR/BIOS.
I've tryed to ''fix the mbr'' with the following commands and then i done format on the hard disk,but without success :

Bootrec /fixMbr
Bootrec /fixBoot
Bootrec /ScanOS
Bootrec /RebuildBcd

What you can suggest me to do guys?
Aug 6, 2021
those only fix windows, if its an actual Virus in the bios... I don't know...

might need to flash bios to replace the code in there if the virus is on the motherboard

what shows you have the virus?
Well,some of apps settings has been changed (i wasn't able to install apps outside the windows store).

Some of the passwords of my accounts has been changed.

Sometimes my Comodo firewall or games when i play unexpectedly closes,so i have to lauch it again.

And my mouse is moving without i touch it.

Also somebody has tryed to send malicious files to my friends via whatsapp etc etc.

I tryed to scan with Kaspersky boot antivirus,but with no infected resoults.


Aug 6, 2021
Yep,i done a clean install of Windows.
I have tryed Malwarebytes,Avira,Kaspersky,HitmanPro,RogueKiller etc etc.
The interesting thing is that when i scanned my pc with MBRcheck.Got this :
PhysicalDrive0 Model Number: TOSHIBAHDWD110, Rev: MS2OA8J0

Size Device Name MBR Status
931 GB \\.\PhysicalDrive0 Windows 7 MBR code detected
SHA1: 4379A3D43019B46FA357F7DD6A53B45A3CA8FB79
Is it normal to show that i have Windows 7 mbr code,incase im running Windows 10 ?