boot loop / clean install problem Lenovo U410


Aug 23, 2016

I recently reinstalled windows 8 using the one key recovery on my U410. I decided to use this option because windows was running very bad after a roll back from windows 10 ( which also did run bad, as many U410 user experienced) . After a few weeks the U410 is now in the infamous boot loop ( Lenovo logo, automatic repair fails, and over again) .

What I have tried since then:

- another one key recovery > setup does not start > boot loop

- I changed boot from UEFI to Legacy

- I managed to boot from USB with recovery setup for windows 8 ( downloaded from microsoft site)

- None of the repair functions in the USB boot setup ( sorry if I mixing up terms) does work

- I can reach cmd from the setup and I did the following commands ( got this from another forum)
bootrec /fixMBR
bootrec /Fixboot
bootrec /rebuildBCD
and also
chkdsk /r c:
chkdsk /r d:
chkdsk /r e:
chkdsk /r f:

- The setup procedure from the USB is very very slow, takes almost half an hour to reach the overview to select the proper partition for a fresh windows install.

And that is were I am stuck.

I do not know which partition I have to use for the installation. I do not know what partition I can format.

The followoing partitions are listed:

drive 0

partition 1 18,4 GB (0,0 free) primary

partition 2 4,0 GB (o free) primary

drive 1

partition 1: WINRE_DRV 1000 MB ( 529 free) Recovery

partition 2: SYSTEM_DRV 260 MB (228 free) System

partition 3: LRS_ESP 1000MB (499 free) OEM (Reserved)

partition 4: 128 MB (128 MB free) MSR (reserved)

partition 5 585,5 GB (585,4 free) Primary

partition 6 500 MB (483,0 free) Recovery

partition 7 : Back up 298 GB (246,9 GB free) Primary

partition 8: LENOVO 25 GB (21,6 GB free) Primary

partition 9: PBR_DRV 20GB (10.1 GB free) Recovery


I have no idea what this all means and way this is partitioned this way.

So, I hope anybody can help me out with these questions:

- which partition do I have to format in order to install windows?

- Is it okay for the setup procedure to be this awful slowly? Is this the way to go on installing?

- Any other options to save this ideapad?

There is no personal data / documents on the ideapad which has to be saved.

The ideapad has no warranty anymore, so sending in is not an option anymore.

The BIOS says U310, I have seen other users having this, I do not know if this is a problem.

Many thanks for reading.
If OneKey is not longer working then I would run thru all the built in diagnostic tests (if you have any) at minimum I would do a full surface scan of the HDD.

You may need to contact Lenovo about acquiring a Recover Disk for your laptop but see if there is one available on their Digital Download Recovery Servie first.