Question Vizio & DirecTV Box That is NOT Directly Connected to TV


Aug 6, 2011
I need help getting these two devices to work together. Probably need additional cables. I hope that's what the problem is. We have a DirecTV box and three tvs connected to this box. The old kitchen tv is not directly connected to the box. There's some "splitting" going on up in the attic :) Bought a smart Vizio tv to replace the old kitchen tv. Remember, it's not going to be directly connected to the DirecTV box. Below are pictures of the backs of both tvs and their connection types. At this point we only have one cable connected to the back of the new tv. Directv is not working with new tv. Is it going to be doable to get Directv working with the smart tv? If so, can you please tell me what cables I need to purchase? Thank you.

It looks like your DTV box is connect to the antenna input of all three TVs. They are probably set to either channel 3 or 4.
Have you done the tuner set up in the new TV. That will entail selecting antenna rather than cable and running a channel scan with the DTV box on.
If the TV doesn't have an analog TV tuner built in in may not work.
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