Question VPN on Firestick - How does it Shield the Firestick IP address

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Apr 23, 2020
Hi. I'm looking into getting a VPN service on a firestick. I've done some research but it's not clear how it shields my IP address on my firestick.

If I install the VPN service is on my firestick, how does the VPN service, shield the Firestick's local "IP address" , (192.168.x.x) when my main IP address, on my Spectrum internet modem, is not being shielded?

Any insight would be helpful.
I believe that what happens is that all internet activity of the Firestick goes to the sever of the VPN first and then to whatever web location the app is using. Tracing the Firestick activity leads to the VPN server not your modem OR the Firestick.
Other devices won't be shielded by the VPN unless you get one that allows you to use it on other devices as well as the Firestick.
Since the Firestick is used primarily for streaming video you want to make sure that you can access the streaming service through the VPN and that the streaming isn't affected by having to go through the VPN server.
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