Wait with buy new gaming laptop until nVidia release Pascal gpu's?

Dec 25, 2014
Greetings. Had a big problem with my two and half year old Alienware with gtx780m and dont want spend any more money in to it. So because desktop pc is an amazing choice, still i am focusing on portable gaming device, because never know when circumstances will make me to move on. Because i am missing so much games in my free time and dont wanna spend money for laptops which are not worth for that price (400£) and i rather will save money for true gaming machine i am asking u folks. Shall i wait until nVidia will release new pascal gpus for mobile devices? I know, or i rather shall say i read some theories about improved performance compared with old gtx980 (old lol) so i dunno how radical will be changes about new laptops with new gpus included and if prices drop down with gt980ms. And still there will be after some time revisions of gpus...