Wanting to buy a tablet...need advice


Nov 21, 2015
Hi, I've been shopping online for the past several days for a tablet. I've listened to a lot of reviews, and thought I had settled on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. I can't afford to go the ipad route. I've found a used "like new" Note 10.1 for a price I like. I'm an artist, so the ability to use this for ideas and quick work on the run appeals to me. I do, however, have an excellent desktop computer with Photoshop and everything I need, so the tablet would just be an extra. I use Windows operating system on both my computer and my phone, but am not adverse to learning to use an Android. My daughter loves her Samsung Galaxy android phone, and my son wouldn't have anything but an iphone. I should add that I would want to also use this for email, facebook, music, and videos when I'm not home.

I've seen some pretty negative reviews on here re: the tablet I'm considering, but the professional reviewers I've read on tech sites were not negative at all.

So...I'm asking: can anyone convince me this is the way to go? I am getting a little gunshy now that I've read some of your comments. Remember, I've got a great computer, so this is an extra for me. But I want to know if I'd be wasting my money.
If you put "artistic" requirements aside, there are plenty of tablets in different sizes (7, 8, 10, even 12") which are more than enough for "email, facebook, music etc". So, put your requirements:
- OS (Android, Windows, iOS)
- Screen size
- Onboard / add-on storage (do you want to carry with you the whole StarWars series? Full collection of Rolling Stones albums, in FLAC?)
- Budget
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