Discussion Watch out Clevo 375 SM-A chipset burned from a faulty usb

Sep 16, 2019
Hi , i just post this here in order to prevent other users destroy their machines

I am an owner of eurocom x7 . This machine has a mobo clevo 375SM-A and it is an sli build with two 880m

Clevo is a vendor that DOESNT protect its motherboard chipset from a short circuit even in tha high prised models . That means that if you put a faulty chinese usb devise in a €2000 eurocom or alienware with clevo mobo laptop it is very likely that one day while you connect the usb maybe it turn off and never come back to life again . Thats what happened to me
I was lucky because i found a technitian that put out the burned mobo chipset and put a new one with reballing and reprogrammed it .

If you want to have your mind clear from all these just dont buy a laptop with clevo mobo


This can happen with a lot of computer models, not just Clevos. I've seen desktop systems die due to a USB port frying or getting shorted out. Your single experience is not a sign there is an issue with a whole line of systems.

Also your other post pointed the issue to something else, something about you messing with the video cards and trying to overclock them, which is a bad idea in a laptop.

"I send it to my technician , he tried to reflash the proper mobo chipset bios but this didnt fix the black screen . After alot houres of research he found out that somehow this option of evga precision \kbust / corupted the bios of the EDID of monitor panel !!! Yes there is a chipset responsible for the panel and it is inside the panel . He managed to find the original EDID chipset bios for 375sma in notebookreview.com ,reflashed it and everything woked !!!"
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