Web Camera not working on Laptop


Sep 14, 2013

I currently have an ASUS K52F laptop running Windows 7. I have owned this laptop for over 3 years now, and don't do much but simple word processing, and internet browsing, and maybe watch a couple of movies here and there. That being said, I had the web camera on this laptop running when it was running Windows 8 (I was testing it out), which was about ~6 months ago. Now, I usually have an actual HD web camera which I hook up to this laptop when I do chat with people on Skype, but today, I didn't have my HD camera with me, so I was trying to use the web camera on the laptop itself, and it doesn't work. I have errors when trying to install the driver's from ASUS's website, and am kind of worried to here if the camera itself is fried, as I never drop this laptop, as I take care of it as if it was an $2000 laptop.

I was hoping you guys can help me figure this one out, as it would be nice to have the laptop's internal web camera work, whenever I need it to. Also, the mic does work, if that is any indicator on its hardware.
Maybe the connector is not completely detached, it could be a bad connection, start with the connector around the screen, it's the easiest to do. Here is a video for replacing the screen, you just need to take out the bezel and verify the connector for the webcam. But be careful not to damage the screen. If you are not comfortable, don't try it.


Mar 30, 2017

This actually helped me, it fixed the problems with microphone as well, thanks!
Sep 20, 2018

my cam was blank...no pic/vid....tried all updates...didnt work....then did this....went to device manager - (double clicked) imaging devices - (right clicked) easy camera - (selected) uninstall device - (confirm) ok...restart system....voila !.....cam (vid/pic) was back in action...perfectly normal/fine/working....!!

mine's a win 10, lenovo (2017 model) laptop....cheers