well, my toshiba laptop Satellite L775 has simply shut down


Dec 30, 2016
after 5 years of use, my toshiba satellite L775 has simply quit. When I plug it in, there is no starting light. the power will not come on . It's dead. previously, back in November of 2015, and before, whenever I used the machine for more than 1 hour, the fan would overheat, the heating element would reach 90 degrees, etc. Now, around Dec 1, 2016 it died. The battery itself, died long ago and I uwas using it stritcly from the electricity, power chord. anyway, I feel all is lost and only wanted it to be turned on long enough for me to save some files on a usb drive. I have purchased a new laptop since then. How can I get this machine to boot up, even if it's for only one hour?