what bad things on the alienware 17?


Every Alienware 17 with a gaming card installed that I've worked with has had overheating issues. Supposedly this has been resolved in newer models but I have yet to see conclusive evidence of it. I'm still seeing a fairly regular number of users with these units both in the real world and in threads on Tom's that have unresolvable thermal issues with their units. Plus, Dell tech support is not very great IMO.


Jul 9, 2007
It's interesting you think Dell tech support is not great. Did you have a bad experience with them? Personally I found their support excellent and much more than many others (Apple excepted maybe). They send a technician on site to repair your laptop, that's pretty awesome compared to some brands that will ask for you to ship your laptop and wait weeks to get it back.


Most of the Dell clients I've dealt with have been sent to locally "authorized" repair facilities, some of which I wouldn't take a light bulb to for diagnosis. In some areas the support may be better than others, simply due to having better local expertise, but it's not everywhere, I assure you. And if you're out of warranty, forget it. Might as well not even contact them.


As much as I hate to say it, might simply want to google "alianware 17 problems", I say that as many that are here may have encountered a problem or two, but you will find a multitude of identified problems right at Dells own forums and the google search listing might help


Mar 23, 2015

you sir have one hell of a setup there
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