What determines the bass of the speakers


Feb 24, 2013
I want to buy speakers for my pc,i like high bass speakers but when i see the specs i dont understand in speacs what determines the bass of the speakers,i want to what quantity determines the bass of the speakers.


Apr 8, 2012
If you want a lot of bass on your pc speakers you should look for a set with a separate subwoofer. The Sub will handle the bass, and the smaller speakers will handle everything else.

Obviously budget is a big factor here, but in general a bigger speaker size and more wattage behind it determines how loud it can get. However you should look at a few sets you are interested in and google some reviews on which ones have the best bass response.


May 25, 2005
As with all sound, the quality depends upon the amount of air moved.

For example. I could set up a 250w stereo system with a standard pair of large PA speakers that have the bass, mid and tweeters all in one cabinet and then set it up in a club with 500 people and turn it up full blast. Most of the people in the club will hear the PA. The people in the front with be BLASTED and the people in the back will hear a muddled mess!


I can put a 3,000w tri-amped system that has two speaker stacks. Each Stack contains an 18" woofer, 2 15" mids, 180 degree fiberglass horn and a pizo tweeter pack; each pack with 16 pizos in each pack. Turn the volume up to 1.8...

And in the same club and everyone will heard the music without it being too hurtful up front because much more air is being moved. The volume can be lowered and people can can 'feeeeel' the bass vibrate in their bodies. The highs are up in the air and moving enough air to be heard after being swallowed up by ambient clothes and other room deadening (no reflective) items such as carpet, plants, curtains, etc.

Efficient speakers with powerful magnets move more air hence a better sound; provided the amplification is there. You can have a top rated speaker with a huge magnet but if you only throw 5w at it it won't budge.

Acoustics is a science. The best bass woofer would be 30' long made out of concrete and be tuned to produce the best wavelengths from very powerful 15" speaker at the back. Obviously not something you want to cart around with you.

This is why speaker cabinets are ported to produce a longer a length channel for bass so that it can get the lower frequencies.

For a computer / home system a separate woofer w/adequate magnet and power rating and adequate amplification will bring the sound / rumble to life.
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