What device am I looking for?


Apr 18, 2005
So I finally got a TV for my room and this is the current setup

1 Desktop linked to it via VGA
1 Xbox 360 linked via component cables
1 notebook linked via HDMI
and Comcast cable

now the only Audio out on the TV is labeled "Digital audio out" and its kind of like a squarish looking thing, I personally don't know what its called

and then I have some computer speakers with the typical 3.5mm

Now the problem is if I want to play the 360 atm, I can only use the TV speakers....

If I use my notebook I can send audio to the TV via HDMI or I can disable the HDMI audio and plug my speakers to my notebook

If I were to use my VGA desktop id have to plug the computer speakers directly into the desktop

So i'm essentially looking for something I can plug to the digital audio out from the TV, receive audio from my desktop and then allow me to hookup my computer speakers (or if I need another set of speakers etc)

What is it i'm looking for

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