what do I need to know before I replace my cpu?


You need to know for sure if the new cpu will work or not, and proper antistatic handling.
Then you need to know how to disassemble the laptop, how to remove thermal paste, and clean the cooler. (If you use air, dont let the fan spin when you blow thru it)
On assembly you need to know how to install a processor, apply thermal paste correctly, followed by installing the cooler and reassembling the laptop.



Ah. Well, you should first determine if that is the actual issue. Changing the CPU in a laptop, if possible, is a non-trivial exercise.

So what is this thing doing?
What other diagnostic things have you done?


Nov 10, 2014

Over the last several months, it just shuts off, then when I turn it on, it acts like nothing ever happened.
No how would you like to start windows, nothing.
And when I say it just shuts down, I mean its like the power is killed, cuz it doesn't "shut down" just dies.
My only clue has been the blue screen of death, that said to check drivers for video and something, can't
find where I wrote it down right now, but something in regards to processor.
I found a new one online cheap, and its same as mine.
My laptop is almost 5 years old, my first one, and cost over $800 (more than my car)
I had extended warranty but thats up