Solved! What is the best profile for gaming(In throttlestop) ?

Mar 17, 2020
I have an ideapad 330-15ICH with I5-8300H and a GTX 1050 4GB. I have undervolted the cpu to - 153.3 mV using throttlestop. But due to its extremely conservative cooling it still heat a lot in cooling. I don't get any performance drops. But I want it to be cooler to increase its longevity. I read that that disabling turbo resolves the issue but won't that decrease my fps ? I was thinking that if I set my turbo to 3.1 or 3.3 ghz would that work ?
Mar 17, 2020
the lower the frequency of the CPU the lower the temperature the lower the FPS
but also depends on the games, if you are gaming cpu demanding games, the FPS will drop, other games won´t be affected that much.

The Turbo clocks at 3.9GHz at all cores on your CPU while gaming. When you lower it by 600MHz, you should see an impact on the FPS or smoothness in gameplay


But my gpu is gtx 1050 so in every game I am gpu bound. Won't fps increase if gpu boosts higher ?
I tried with boost to 3.1ghz in gta 5 for 1 hour I got 2 fps more on avg.
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