Question What kind of receiver do I need?

Jul 11, 2020
We recently moved into a new home. It was built in 2015 and was pre wired for sound. There are six speakers in the home, two in each room and three zones. The receiver is missing, but there are 8 paired wires coming out of the wall in a central location that is boxed in 7.5 x 3. The prior owner's son stole the unit, so I have no idea what options I have to replace it. Thank you for your help
One solution would be to get a basic stereo receiver and an impedance matching speaker selector with at least three zones. If there aren't in wall volume controls in each room there are speaker selectors with volume controls on them. You would not be able to play different music in each zone or control volume and source from the room itself.
If the receiver has app control you would be able to change sources and overall volume with smartphones and tablets. Denon and Marantz both make stereo receivers with built in HEOS streaming which makes using the system easy and accesses a lot of music online. They also make surround sound receivers that have Heos and multizone options as well.
If you wanted 3 independent zones then you would use 3 Denon Heos Amps or Sonos Amps.
The basic receiver option would run roughly $250-300.
The advanced receiver option would run roughly $700-800.
The independent zone option would run $1500 to 1950.
Which ever option you go for you could add streaming and independent zone control later.
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